Wow… What A Month!

I decided to re-launch my That Dress Is Mine brand as a 2013 New Year’s Resolution. It has been years in the pipeline. I have managed to stick with it thank goodness but what a start to the year it has been. Within a month, I have joined Twitter and Facebook with some success (thanks so much to all our new followers and ‘likes’) had a re-launch of out new ‘logo’ which as been well received. I have been planning the collection for 6 months of which I have been to Italy, Spain and France and just yesterday returned from New York (thank goodness as they are about to have a major snowstorm as we speak!!!) looking and finding inspiration and creating new contacts and suppliers. I am still waiting on a few items from Canada and my accessories order arrived from France the day before I left for NY!

It’s hard work I can tell you. The collection is 90% chosen but as anyone who deals in anything creative can change in a split second due to continual flashes of ideas and inspirations which is everywhere, all the time. I have changed my mind several times just this week when I went to find the perfect fabrics for the dresses. I left the USA a very happy woman indeed! It was very cold walking around the Fashion District but worth it. On one store, I met a very patient sales assistant called Ju and she was just fantastic dealing with my ever changing choices and went out of her way to find what she thought I would like. You are a star Ju – thank you so much!

And now as if I like adding to my ever increasing workload, I have decided to start this blog. Here, I will be giving flashes  and sneak previews of what we are upto as a brand and what is yet to come. I am hoping that this will keep me on my toes and share with you all whats happening. This is a completely new way of working now as when I first started around 7 years ago, things were very different. Now there are many mediums in which anyone can reach their target audiences very quickly and easily. Back in the day of the first launch, it was very different indeed.

Now I am about to put needle to fabric. The designs are more or less complete. The dresses are all individually handmade and I try to create them all to look different, so then they become more exclusive. Over the coming months, the collection will filter through and will be beautiful, feminine, chic, sassy, sensual and womanly.

There will also be a website to launch along with the dresses. I am now in the process of getting the brand labels remade. There is still the new business cards to re-create, e-stationary to approve,  Goodness, there is such alot of work to do. But it all be worth the wait I promise! I am moving as fast as I can.

The best things come to those who wait!

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