Our Weekly Inspiration: LFW

As you may already know, this is Fashion Month, end of January until end of February. We have already had, Milan, New York etc. This week is London’s turn. What I love about us Londoners and fashion: ANYTHING GOES! Everyone no matter what we look like is a fashion statement, a mood board, a walking canvas of fabrics and colours. Yes, I know, there are some die hard fashion followers, up to the minute and second changers. But I think that’s great and all but why don’t you just be yourself. Take a little inspiration from things around you yes, but try to be your own person and just be yourself!

Me: I mix and match. I love strong bold colours. I love black – mixing with white, a bold colour or accessory is a fav of mine. I love to mix pastels. I enjoy the clash of patterns and colours. I just dress how I feel like in the morning. There are days when I am dressed to the nines just taking my daughters to school/off to work as I am obsessed with dresses. I sometimes cannot be bothered and wear jeans and Ugg boots! (I remember the day I really couldn’t be asked and I walked into the school yard with a my husband’s hoodie, messy jeans and trainers… I got told off by other mums. They said they thought I was ill or something – so funny!) So what? We all have days like that!

So, I have picked a couple of things that have caught my eye as of late. Like I said, anything goes! x

Dresses and Outwear


Casual Wear


Shoes and Bag

c6aca419dba2fccf402ae1efc238dad3 f528fd2746bf6ab67a3224ecf015fc1d

Makeup and Hair


Next week: Oscar Night Glamour!

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