Taking a rest, but not for long!

Hi again everyone,

as promised, this is my second instalment for my new blog, rain or shine. I’m quite happy actually since I started this last week. It’s always lovely to know that people or even just the one are happy to read and agree with what  you are trying to say and portray in your life’s passion. I find this a fantastic compliment actually- thank you!

As you all may know by now I have a great passion for fashion (goodness me, I sound like a spokesperson for Bratz dolls!) especially for dresses. I am forever looking at them, I’m obsessed actually! All I am doing here is sharing with all who are interested what I love. Now I’m finally turning it into a business. It’s darn hard work but so worth the time and effort.

As I’m writing this piece, I’m on my couch resting from minor surgery on my back. It’s all good and I’m glad it’s happened now. Once all has settled down, I will be right as rain and should be fit enough to carry out my passion. Failure is not an option… I have waited too long but the time is so right!

The past week however has been a long one. (That last sentence is illogical but the phrase is relevant!) I went on a hunt  for fabrics even though I just brought back some the following week. My husband thinks I’m crazy and yes that word again- obsessed. It’s not that simple. I just can’t help myself. As any one who is creative knows, inspirations comes from many an avenue in life’s long journey. I got asked how do you know what you are doing and I answered, I don’t know but I just do. It’s a gut feeling and I trust mine. I can see things in my “mind’s eye’ and I get tingles and exhume excitement on the prospect of a new dress. The colours and patterns dance for me. I can literally taste the construction and feel the final finished dress in my hands as I skim gently across the fabric. I can see a woman’s face when she realises she has found a dress she really wants and that makes me happy. A lot of thought, feeling and love goes into the making of one of my dress creations. Always remember that…

So don’t worry, I will be uploading some sneak pics of dresses in the new page ‘Dresses Under Construction’. Look out for this new page this week – I’m willing myself better faster I promise!

Now time for bed. I may add more later once I have had some much needed rest and sleep…

Nite! x

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