Work is Underway… Progress is being made!

Yes, oh YES!

This has been a rather busy week indeed!

Our Blog is doing rather well! Why didn’t we think of this before? This is a great platform of communication for our potential customers and fans… We hope you are enjoying what we have had to say so far. Hopefully our journey to completion will be an interesting and entertaining one! Your continual support and company is always welcome!

We have passed 600 followers on Twitter WOW! Thanks everyone and ‘…Welcome to OUR WORLD!’  Thanks for the continual support! Facebook isn’t doing too badly either – thanks for the new followers and ‘likes’ on FB too! Lots of luv to you all!

The site is set! Thanks to Maria for all your hard work! x


The clothing labels are in the process of being made! Both look great, cannot decide on which one?!?!

That Dress is Mine woven label

Have we forgotten anything?

Oh yes, of course, the DRESSES! Watch out for our new page Dresses’Under Construction’. We will add pictures very soon of what’s going on as a sneak preview as to the new collection! We shall be testing a new Twitter service called VINE to help preview the dresses. We hope it works out!

We are well under way now!

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