Dresses ‘Under Construction’…

Hi everyone, welcome to our Dresses ‘Under Construction’ Page.

We have been working really hard to produce a collection of dresses for a few months. Alot of time is taken to draw up a story board of ideas etc. You may have something in your mind that you’d like to create, then you draw it on paper and it changes. You look for the right fabric and the idea changes again usually through an improvement or seeing something better. Then comes the time to construct your idea and it may change again due to something not working out or once again, a better idea.

It has been a long time coming. We are nearly here!

So here we will give sneak previews of what’s happening and what’s yet to come of the new dress collection. We know there a some rules when it comes to fashion, seasonal fashion for instance. But we are a little different.  We will endeavour to show what we have when we can. A little rebelliousness does hurt anyone, besides, that’s part of the nature and the charm of the woman who designs the dresses!

So: let us begin:

The Silver Fox Dress

SilverFox2  SilverFox1

The Golden Girl Dress

RavRed3  RavRed2

The Velvet Vixen Dress

BlackCat2  BlackCat1

This dress above is nearly finished. The first two are completed.

So there you have it! There will be more updates so keep in touch! x

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