The Oscars 2013: Part 1 ‘Old Hollywood/Modern Hollywood Actresses and their Vintage/Modern Fashion…’


Hello and welcome to our Oscars 2013 page.

The Oscars will be our focus for the ‘My Weekly Inspiration’ page for the coming week. This will be split into three parts, first about the Old Hollywood/Modern Hollywood Actresses and their Vintage/Modern Fashion. Next a second segment about possible Oscar Vintage Dress Ideas and Inspiration. The third part will be about the Oscar 2013 Fashion on the Night: Who ‘…Wore the Dress or Let the Dress wear THEM!’ There could also be an online poll!

Old Hollywood Oscar Winning Actresses:

 images-3 images-12 images-13

images-15 images-16 images-17 images-18 images Unknown Unknown-1images-3 copy images-14 Unknown-3

Modern Hollywood Oscar Winning Actresses:

Unknown images-22 images-21images-5 images-27 images-1 Unknown-2 images-10 images copy images-1 copy images-4 images-25 images-18 images-2 images-8 images-13 images-19 images images-15

Now to choose the ones that are Our Favourites… Oh goodness there are soooooooo many to choose from but a couple do stand out:

 images-6 images-12images-16

We  will add a few more once we have had time to think a little – Dress Overload here! So keep coming back to see what we decide! It may have to be a separate post altogether if the list is way too big!

Look out for Part two of our Oscar 2013 Feature:  Oscar Vintage Dress Ideas and Inspiration

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