The Oscars 2013 Part 2: Our Weekly Inspiration – Oscar Night!

Welcome to Part 2 of our Oscars 2013 Feature.


After much deliberation, here are our choices for a vintage styled night at the Oscars.


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Now, we’re sorry. We know we are all about the Vintage but we had to add some Modern choices as well. And believe me, there some seriously beautiful dresses out there!


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Now for the footwear:


57cc076dc54491c20341cb45ae49f36a 67d0f192b131e2964abc4621ffc7451d 291a10be6dcc23bb4f2ff594b0eb9b31  ad5b0b802ed6b4b87148fa08a2969aa7 65ca7a676b5e8e703c61ec9e521812bc b22e74663b069a53a4e163dfa5976405  b44d504e2c401a4f1d3f8a496fb2963d

And lastly We have decided to go for vintage styled makeup and hair

Vintage Inspiration:

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3a8564555f34a4699b435f828f1809c7  e1c2feab3ecfbbefa5805ded982b72e3

bb19af4e11dcd67e6480a3d569a71400  2450a7ad9bfc4ef7c7e2ae6489765d22

78dd094195c67886d3d5fed1d6f4b936  823ccbedaac3cf0e2a4fefb40f6ba008

Oh and we almost forgot


2271d39d666b76f09b9d5eacfabc6c32  674b55724c57f467956aea9e4ee0efc5

9f30cb77b486a5cb9874d4a1a6344c90  d4b902c6f55f8befdb8487b5cf367887

Part 3 of our Oscar 2013 series will focus on what was actually worn on the night and which dress was best! And I guess you have to discuss whether the dress was actually warn RIGHT. We will be diplomatic, we are not Fashion Police here!

Enjoy the ceremony. Sorry, but we are more interesting in the DRESSES!

May the best dress win! x

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  1. Very nice blog post. I absolutely love this site.

    Keep it up!

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