The Oscars 2013 Part 3: ‘…Which Dress is BEST?’

Salutations all!

My goodness, last night was a feast for the eyes wasn’t it? There really was a mixture to contend with – good and bad. But here, we are interested in the Best Dress of Oscars 2013. These are our personal favourites:


Sandra-Bullock-oscars-2013-red-carpet-jpg_015359    Kelly-Rowland-Oscars-2013-red-carpet-arrivals-JPG_224358  salma-hayek-oscars-2013-jpg_004903  images-23  images-26


  images-17 images-20

    images-19  images-16  hilaryswank-oscars2013-vanityfairparty-250222013-jpg_115650


  allisonwilliams-oscars2013-vanityfairparty-250222013-jpg_115650  Anne-Hathaway-Oscars-2013-worst-dressed-list-jpg_032545  images-6    images-4  oscars-2013-charlize-theron-jpg_003633  images  images-29


images-1 images-2  reece-witherspoon-oscars-jpg_233827  lilycollins-oscars2013-vanityfairparty-250222013-jpg_115650



Halle-Berry-oscars-2013-JPG_015353   images-7

images-9 images-10

  images-24  naomiwatts-oscars2013-vanityfairparty-250222013-jpg_115650


kerry-washington-oscars-2013-jpg_003633 Jennifer-Garner-oscars-2013-red-carpet-jpg_015352  oscars-2013-amanda-seyfried-jpg_003633

We also thought we would add a few which shone for the masses in the Hair and Makeup department too!

allisonwilliams-oscars-beauty-25022013-jpg_091313 amy-adams-jpg_021431 jennifergarner-oscars-beauty-25022013-jpg_091317 jessicachastain-oscars-beauty-25022013-jpg_091318 mirandakerroscars-beauty-25022013-jpg_091313 reese-witherspoon-jpg_015128

Cindy’s Fav’s:

Here are Cindy’s Top 3 Dresses:

No: 1


I love this as this SCREAMS old school glamour and that shade blue is one of my favourite colours! If the hem of a dress is too long, it will push the rest of the dress upward, misshaping it, thus looking unfinished and untailored.

No: 2


I really love the fabric and the cut of this dress. If a dress is tailored correctly, no matter how beautiful it is, it will look untidy and unfinished.

No: 3


This is a great shade of red – another one of my favourites. The dress floats and moves beautifully, it looks very classy. Dresses like these do not need too many accessories. When a dress is worn right, you are wearing the dress, not the dress is wearing you…

I deliberately didn’t choose a black dress as it’s a common colour to choose although they took great in very many formats. But if I had to choose one it would have been:



This is a beautifully beaded black lace dress. I love lace but if you are not careful, it can look dated and frumpy. In this way, it looks modern and elegant. It must weigh a ton too!

Which is the best DRESS of OSCARS 2013?

Below is a poll for you to choose from Cindy’s Favourites or add one of your own!

This poll will end in two weeks and results will be posted after the poll has closed.

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