Mother’s Day Inspiration…

This weekend is Mother’s Day.

As today is such a lovely spring like day, we take our inspiration in a floral direction, much like our upcoming collection which will contain modern florals and bold colours set on a vintage canvas.

As a mother myself, I’m imagining a lovely Sunday afternoon much like what London is today, taking a walk on the grounds of Somerset House and having high tea in the afternoon – then being taken for dinner afterwards…

Nevermind me and my stories, back to the matter in hand. Here are a few day dress choices. This time, I’ll think I’ll stick to vintage.

Happy Mother’s Day, ONE and ALL!

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And my personal favourite:


I love this dress – this is me all over! Teaming this dress with red shoes and lipstick and a retro undo hairstyle – just perfect!

Have a great day! x

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