Motivational Words for the Working Soul…

Good evening all:

This week, instead of choosing inspirational fashion quotes, I have decided to choose quotes and saying in reference to work and motivation.

There really is no need to say anymore to be honest, I’ll let these great words do the talking.

Sometimes, we need words like these. I’m not afraid to say I do.


These words  and many others are helpful when you feel at times what’s the point when you are striving for greatness and a a gentle push when you feel you aren’t getting anywhere. I say this as I do feel this way at the moment, but deep down I know nothing is impossible and I need to persevere if I want to achieve my dream. I know I good at what I do, my issue is will everyone else agree with me?

I really hope so.

BUT: regardless of anything, I still intend to achieve my life’s ambition. I know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least try right?

OK: that’s enough… NOW BACK TO WORK WOMAN!!!

Enjoy! x

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