“March” on Spring…

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‘…Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. As is Dressmaking!’

Hi All and welcome to a new Month – MARCH!

The month of all things SPRING… NOT! I am still waiting for that time of year to arrive. Yesterday, I saw all manner of weathers, all in one day! We need all some warmth and sunshine – or my dresses won’t make any sense!

Now the reason for the beautiful springtime slideshow above is not just me experimenting with new blog features. It’s more simple than that. Just take a look at the colours of the flowers and that’s a little hint of our dress collection to come.

Below is a small, sneak preview of some of the fabrics I will be using to create beautiful dresses both modern and vintage. These items take time to make as they really are a labour of love and individually hand made to make them more exclusive. I am also trying to use as much ‘natural’ materials and fabrics as possible. Many infact most of the Spring/Summer dresses will be constructed mainly of cotton.



That’s not the only thing happening at the moment. I am in the middle of getting the company’s dress labels made up, the business cards printed and trying to book up a photographer to take the photos of the models in the dresses. I  am also trying to decide in a venue or beauty spot to take the photos. I really want outside photos taken. Now you see why I am so eager for spring to arrive. Easter has come early this year, so why can’t spring?

I intend to have some ‘On Trend’ fashion incorporated on the collection as much as I can – that helps to keep things fresh and interesting. Monochrome for instance is huge, as is jewel colours, pastels, etc. I also like to be different. Fast fashion isn’t the be all and end all for me. And I don’t create items I wouldn’t wear myself!


So this is my personal, inspirational work motto for the time being – Vintage Fashion Rebel. ‘A’ for effort, I’m a ‘…rebel with a cause’  which is me just being my good ole creative self and hope that others like what I do and design for exactly what it is – a fabulous vintage dress!


I have also started working on the Autumn/Winter collection. This also will incorporate Party Dresses for the Christmas Holiday season. I have a few ideas for this but I need to get myself up and running first.

So this is a a combined update for now. I really am working like the clappers (eh? What on earth does that mean – I can’t clap and sew, thus blog at the same time? How stupid would I look trying to emulate that? I’m all for multitasking but that is taking the biscuit… Another silly saying – lets not even go there!)

The best things comes to those who wait! Hopefully, not to long now…

Until later,

cinsig family copy

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