New Fashion Quote of the Week: March 18th

WOW! After the week I’ve had, I deemed these quotes appropriate:


Meaning: No matter that the weather, occasion, circumstance or my general mood I WILL make the effort to try to look good. Now and again, at the right moment, it can bring a smile or a touch of inspiration to someone else…


… And when you feel good, no matter what you wear, somehow you will look darn fantastic too.

As a child, my mother instilled in me that I should look presentable even if running out the door to get a pint of milk! I know it doesn’t always happen but why is it that when you just happen to look your so called worse because you just couldn’t be bothered that day, someone seems to think you look rather great?!?! You go back home and look at yourself in the mirror with messy hair, sleep still in your eyes, scruffy, un-ironed clothes, etc and you think to yourself “…REALLY?!?!”

But it’s because:


No matter what’s going on around you, a SMILE can work wonders. Beauty is in the eyes of the holder I know but also comes from deep within.

Thus, it’s even more beautiful that any dress I can muster.

But a smile also goes a long way to enhancing everything I create…

So I just keep smiling!  So should YOU! x

2 Comments on “New Fashion Quote of the Week: March 18th

  1. this is true. That’s pretty cool. I’m an underground writer with a loyal following which has forced me to write a fantasy book named LondenBerg by Lord Biron. Check it out sometime, thanks!

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment. I would love to write but it’s finding time. Plus would anyone want to read what I think? I guess this blog is a good starting point! I will pop by – sounds very interesting… See you there!

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