In the Deep Mid ‘SPRINGTER”…


Hi all.

All week, I was wondering what to write about then a quick look and the idea came like a lovely bolt of supposed spring sunshine.

My hybrid word SPRINGTER: I swear this is what I call this weather at the moment. It is now Spring and we are still in the grips of Winter… Next week is Easter and tomorrow is Psalm Sunday. This will be the first time I’ll see people waving psalms trudging through snow! But not the first Easter in the snow; this happened a few years ago when Easter came even earlier in March and it was freezing and white!

I was sitting here thinking what kind of dresses can I present this week as our weekly inspiration? I was going to carry on with the Spring feel. Sure doesn’t look ANYTHING like spring outside my window this morning. No point going for the winter feel as that officially ended a couple of days ago.


Nope: I’ll stick with the Spring Vintage theme. But I’m going for the WHITE colours this time. So I guess the dress inspiration for this week is SPRINGTER after all!


Keep warm! Spring is very nearly here! x

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