You little REBEL… I like you! 

My quotes of the week are short, sharp, sassy and sweet. Life lessons so to speak…


Yes, everyone is VERY different. I’m a  rebel though and through! I’m weird, kooky, strange and a geek! I’m a simple gal who lives a complicated life. I adore dresses thus I’m extremely ‘girlie’ but I act like a tomboy if need be! I’m a Trekie and I love Pokemon. I love books and art. I like aniseed sweets and I dislike coffee. I could go on all the live long day but I won’t. I like being this way because I know I am different. I don’t like being like anyone else – I crave, chase and embrace my individuality with a vengeance. But one thing is for dam sure; the way I look and the way I am don’t match! (Just wait for my next postings and then you’ll understand! 😉 Purr…)


Opening up your mindspace is a good thing. Being able to appreciate everyone you meet in your lifetime for who and what they are without judging them for their life choices is even better. This does and will make you a better person. When you are a creative person like myself, when you look for inspiration for your crafts  and hobbies, the above quote rings true every time… And the same thing applies to who people are.

2b2518195a0602733e38680005003be4And yes, sometimes we ALL get things wrong. But I guess, this is the path of life. I have found this to also be very true to my detriment recently in my personal life and with the work I am trying to produce. Then again, the other side of the coin is if you decide to learn from those mistakes, it often makes life easier and so much better.



I’m trying, trust me.

I hope all who know me and read my words can see that! x

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