Our Inspiration: For my LOVE of Animal Prints… x

My Inner Animal…


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Hello everyone!

I thought I would finally write in my blog but I have decided to come back with a bang and flirt with the ‘animal’ in me and stroke the animal in you all too!

So this will be a double issue blog to make up for my long absence from here. I have missed this so to make up for all this time, purr we go! 😉 x

The OUTFITS… Both Modern and Vintage!


Now for the following accessories that I just love (and a couple that I actually own!)


Oh and now for SHOES… *sigh…*


The amazing Nail Art that you can have now: 

There is also MakeUp and Hair…


And now for my Party Piece:

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(PS: For those who are OBSESSED!!! LOL)


And my last thought on this subject is this:

There is such an thing called ‘…Too much of a good thing!’ Less is more when it comes to Animal Prints. One or two items is enough to spice up an outfit, trust me!

Enjoy! x

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