To be a ‘PIN UP GAL’ or not to be a PIN UP GAL!

Hi there All,

As you may or may not know, I have a great love of 1950 – early 1960’s era and I was doing some research recently and I suddenly thought there are so many PIN Up Gal pictures. There were many PIN UP Gals and we even have a few modern day ones. They do look fantastic mind you.

But, which look better: the DRAWN pictures or the pictures of ACTUAL Pin Up gals/Bombshell?

Here are the DRAWN (in other words CARTOON ART) Pin Up Gals:


And here is the ULTIMATE Pin Up WOMAN!

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I have added some MODERN looks and pictures for good measure…

Personally speaking, of course the REAL DEALs are better but the drawn gals look lovely too! Would I like to be a Pin Up? No, not really but there is no harm in trying eh? ( I’d prefer to be one with my clothes on thanks! )

It’s not too difficult a look to achieve and I think it looks fabulous on anyone and everyone!

And now for some dresses etc to complete the look!

And now you all have an idea about who I am and what my dresses are all about!

Don’t worry, the dresses will be with you all soon. You know what they say:

“…The best things comes to those who WAIT!” x

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2 Comments on “To be a ‘PIN UP GAL’ or not to be a PIN UP GAL!

  1. this post is amazing!!! and i would choose “to be ” a pin girl the looks are just increible.

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