The Perils of Being a Hard Working Mother…



Good evening All…

It’s a Friday night.

It’s finally the weekend. It gets darker earlier and the weather is constantly changing. The school week is finally over. There is a whole pile of washing and ironing awaiting me for the next working week… The list goes on and on.

Goodness me I am so tired. I want to stop and rest. That is a concept which is rather alien to me of late. I guess most of it is self inflicted of course. But the rest is a longterm, actually a lifetime contract of being a parent. What exactly is REST?

I couple of Fridays in a row I had been out with friends and family and believe me that is an extremely rare occurrence. Boy did I need to let my hair down. I so enjoyed it – everyone needs to do that every now and then. I hadn’t realised just how much I was working to sort myself out. I have been working practically morning noon and night almost to the point of exhaustion, with hellbent determination to get myself up and running with my business. For me. being organised is key and a top priority  to my next step and what I want to achieve. Self belief in what I am about to create is another important factor in setting up a business from scratch. But in this case of my vintage dress making company, it is not so much from scratch but it is making it better as I have finally found my mojo and niche.

I know this can work.

I have a household, family and other business to take care of. I am a mother and a wife. But you know, sometimes, these sections of a woman’s life can overtake and the sense of ‘you’ can get lost. That’s what happened to me. I don’t regret any of it and I’m not complaining but I still feel the need to be ‘me’. I need to feel like I can contribute something to my life which is important to me.

As a working mother, things can be really hard. The amount of times of late I have found myself falling asleep at odd times of the day, wandering around my house like a zombie due to lack of sleep or my brain’s off switch locked on the ‘on’ due to a constant barage of ideas and concepts rattling around, knocking into each other. That doesn’t include the usual other thoughts of ‘what food am I going to cook’, ‘what after school activities do I have to go to today’, etc, etc, etc. Time management is an important skill. Sleep management is a necessary but underused skill and luxury at the moment. The support of your family is imperative, I am so glad they have recognised that I need to do this because in the longterm, hopefully this will benefit them too. I happily devoted my time to my family for years. I need to devote time to me too now. I don’t feel bad about that and neither should anyone else.

I LOVE being creative. I find enjoyment and satisfaction in this. It makes me happy. Most of all, I want to share my so called talents. Why not? I want this more than anything. It is on my so called bucket list – on the top of it mind you of things to achieve before my change of decade in a few months. (And no, you may not ask my age, I thought that was bad manners to ask a lady of her years. I’m old fashioned at heart I suppose, nothing wrong with that right?)

So all in all, what I am trying to say here is just because I haven’t said anything for a while, doesn’t mean nothing is happening. To be honest, quite a lot has happened over the past few weeks. I have been organising my business. I will write more on that side of things later. Now that this part of my business is finally up to par, I can move on to the next few steps. I have this blog/website finally set up the way I like it. I need to uterlise it more. As you can see, I haven’t blogged regularly for a long while. I need to get back into that habit again. So here it is – I pledge to write something a minimum of ‘once a week’. There, I said it. Now, if I don’t, let me know about it! Be kind to me though, I’m all about being ladylike and I always value the opinion of others. Ask my friends, they know this well of me (99.9% of the time – rare Friday Night’s out excluded! Actually, that’s a little white lie… ALWAYS the lady.)

I hope to share the highs and lows of my journey of my vintage dress company. I am looking forward to it. I believe it does help to some extent. Hopefully, me sharing my journey with you with give a personality to my brand. So many people blog, why can’t I?

Right. Must run. Motherhood is re-calling me.

Cindy x

PS: Quick Tip: Anyone using any sort of Apple product to write or blog with, I advise you to RECHECK what you have written. Believe me, I have seen some odd words and phrases crop up whilst reading other people’s thoughts and words. I have been an unfortunate (and sometimes hilarious) victim to AUTO-CORRECT myself… You have been warned!

I better do that myself right now…


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2 Comments on “The Perils of Being a Hard Working Mother…

  1. Hi Cindy, I look forward to reading your posts, I’m assuming of course that you must be a teenager entering your twenties as am I… Cough cough. Anyway I’m with you on the need for creativity and the occasional blow out to remain ourselves. Btw, just rechecked my comment and have had to re type 2 strange auto c’s!

    • Hi there Emma, thanks for your comment. Lovely to make your acquaintance. You assume correctly. I am officially 21 years young… Cough cough COUGH! Thanks for agreeing with me. Sometimes you write something and wonder if anyone has actually LISTENED to what you’re trying to say. Onwards and upwards on me being open and honest. I try to live by this within my life so I guess within this blog which is an extension of me should be no exception right? Please stick around and spread the word. I appreciate your support, especially for working Mums like us.

      Oh and so glad you heeded my tip. See what I mean!? I just rechecked this blog and I found one too even though I said to check!!! 😁

      Let me recheck this reply now!!!

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