Entering the ‘Bloggers’ race…

Good afternoon All,

I am sitting here in front of my computer attempting to write my next blog entry. Since my entry last Friday, I have made a vow to try to write SOMETHING, no matter how small or insignificant for the blog side of my website every week. When I first started out with my idea for a fashion business less than a decade ago, I remember trying to come up with a name which is catchy and unique but is relevant to what I wanted to create. (If you read the ABOUT ME page, that tells you the story of the name.) I registered the name and brought the domain name and I was filled with pride because I had taken a significant step into the unknown. And back then my goodness was the world of internet and restively unknown social media didn’t really exist.

I remember talking to my husband on many occasions and the discussion about my business always begin with: ‘How on earth are you going to promote your website?’ I didn’t have the faintest clue where to start and who or even what to turn to. I tried everything what was available at the time. Eventually I came across a few sites including Fashion Capital (of whom I’m still a member of!) which helped. It was extremely hard work and at times disheartening because I felt like a very small fish in an extremely vast ocean. There were a couple of opportunities which found me but back then I wasn’t fully aware of the pitfalls of not being as organised as I am today. I didn’t really have a niche and I was struggling to work out exactly what path I wanted to travel on within this almost infinite world of fashion. I took a break to deal with my young family and I regretted it at the time. But now when I look back, that was the best move I could have taken because it gave me the chance to take a step back and finally work out exactly which path I wanted to fashionably travel down.

Over the past few years or so, Social Media has really come into its own. It started with Facebook (I was there when it first started and I loved it! Then it changed too much and I closed my account for four years.) It’s everywhere! Now that I have decided to continue as an internet based company, there is no shortage of mediums for self or company promotion. Just today, I have attempted to join a few bloggers networks and I already have a decent following on the mainstream social media platforms and I haven’t even got my collection up and running as of yet. So therefore, I would like to say thank you to all my followers for the constant support and hello and welcome to my new followers. But believe it or not, when I looked and continue to look at the large number of bloggers, I couldn’t help comparing what I am trying to achieve to their blogs. There are some fantastic ones, believe me. I also felt that I wasn’t as good or even good enough to attempt to join the high profile blogger memberships because there really are some great and very interesting bloggers, writers and fashionistas out there. It is clear that for some of them, it is their life, their bread and butter. I am a working mum. Can I spend the same amount of time as they do on my website/blog? I think many of you already know the answer to that. Oh and don’t forget, I also have dresses to create by hand! (What have I got myself into?!?!)

But you know, so what? I am me. I am going to stick to what I know best and just keep going. What do I have to lose? I will do the best I can within the interests I revel in. Hopefully, that should be enough. (I really hope so…)

As long as there is even just the one person who finds some enjoyment out of what I am doing then I ┬ábelieve I have achieved something. Success doesn’t just happen overnight. Handwork and an almost stubbornness to achieve works wonders. Self belief is essential.

Social Media, no matter what the pitfalls and successes nowadays is the key to modern advertising no matter how VINTAGE or RETRO your brand may be. After what have been through to try to self promote during the past decade, thank goodness it’s finally here and hopefully here to stay. It sure makes my life so much easier.

Keep blogging, create a schedule and try to stick to it. I sure will. It is a great way to get your created juices flowing.

Enjoy! x



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