I WANT THIS: Red Pencil Dress With Pleats by A La Russe!

Hello All,

Here is my next item of my new I WANT IT section of my blog.

RED is a major colour for this coming Winter 2014-15. It isn’t the easiest colour to wear I know BUT when its worn well it looks FANTASTIC!

 Red is one of those colours which signifies passion, lust, exudes sexiness, sophistication and glamour. I don’t mean to be crude here but you can be look very ladylike in the right shaped red dress or look like a whore in the wrong shaped one because of the colour. (Looking good and sexy doesn’t have to mean dressing half or in some cases practically naked!) This begs the question here: ‘Is it possible to be all woman and sexy at the same time?’ YES, of course you can! That’s why I love the look and colour of the dress below. It represents everything I Iike in a good dress and that little bit extra. It’s a vintage shape with a modern twist and a fabulous colour and goes extremely well with the previous items I liked (the Vintage Tartan Handbag and Gloves Set).  It also reminds me of being a wiggle dress from the 1950’s. It looks like as if I have a whole outfit coming along without me even realising it.

Once again, that’s the mark of a true Fashionista…


Pencil Dress With Pleats by A La Russe for Preorder on Moda Operandi

But you know what? I don’t want to be just another ‘Fashionista’. I want to be ME! I like being different and having my own unique style with a twist. It makes me all the more interesting to others of course but more importantly for MYSELF!


*…sigh* I (still) WANT!!! x

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