Hello All,

Welcome to myPINK FRIDAY’ instalment of ‘I WANT IT!’

In reference to my blog of the same name earlier today, I spotted these vintage beauties! I know its the wrong time of year to sport these. You know when winter is coming when the clocks go back (yes, don’t forget to do that tomorrow night!) The nights are drawing in and its getting colder, yadda, yadder, yadder… But I don’t care. These need to be warn all the live long time – so simple yet sparkly, sassy, sexy and of course PINK!

These need to be warn at upcoming Christmas ball or party as we call it nowadays. I even know the dress I would wear them with. I would look a floating pink angel who sits on top of a fashionably modern Christmas tree!


(My little request – Santa cannot help me with this one…)

Dear Prince Charming…

When you come to place the ‘shoe’ on my dainty little feet, make sure it’s one of this pair ok or I won’t marry you.

Thanking you kindly in advance,

Cindy (not Cinderella, I’m no scrubber!)

Then again, do you really think I’d be foolish enough to leave one of these behind? Prince or Prince not, the shoes will come first! Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out my darling… These will be GLUED to my feet! Nicely of course…

Mwah! xx

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