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I have been working continously for sometime on my blog now and I have been trying to streamline this website so that it is all the more interesting to all who read it. The website has has a slight re-model too to reflect the new changes. I guess despite that I love vintage, I have to treat this site like ‘Fast Fashion’ to keep up with the ever changing nature of this industry.

As you all already know, our That Dress Is Mine Shop will be launching in the spring of 2015. But in the meanwhile, I will be introducing a new monthly blog feature of which there is an added calendar.

New TDIM monthly feature:

That Dress Is Mine Monthly Blogs –  

Featured TOPIC of the Month – 1st Day of the Month

Pink Friday! – 1st Friday of the Month

Vintage Vision – Once a month

Celebrity Style File – 3rd Friday of the Month

Modern And Couture Fashion Picks – 4th Friday of the Month

That Dress Is Mine Blog – Once a month

Dresses ‘Under Construction’

Our new Monthly Blogs will begin 1st November 2014

My Personal Blog – Cindy’s Musings will continue as the creative thoughts arises which includes:

My Personal Inspiration


Hair and Makeup – Vintage and Beyond

Wondrous Words Of Wisdom

Cindy’s Photographs


Hopefully, this new format of my website will keep you all interested. Plus this helps to keep me on my toes in the organisational stakes. Even when the ‘river runs dry’, I have writer’s block, my mind has gone completely blank, no physical or mental inspiration whatsoever,

I will write SOMETHING!!!

There is an unwritten rule when it comes to blogging – by writing anything even when you feel you have nothing, this will get the creative juices flowing. It’s a good tip and also true.

(Oh goodness, I must also remember to create/sew/manufacture my dresses too!)

That is why I have creating this blogging schedule – there is so much work to do when you’re a one woman band. Don’t worry, the collection of dresses are on their way…

I look forward to seeing you then!

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2 Comments on “Coming Soon – NEW Monthly Featured Blogs… x

  1. This is awesome! I wish that i was organized enough to keep a schedule of features like this. It makes me what to get my editorial calendar back in order!
    Congrats on starting a new blog deary! Best of luck!

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