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It’s funny how all of a sudden you could be in the middle of something trivial and mundane then ‘POP!!!” out of no-where there is an idea for a blog entry. Then you get caught up al all the things still going on around you, then before you know it, you’ve lost your idea and that excellent train of thought. My goodness, how bloody annoying is that?


No matter how hard you try, NOPE, that brain of yours isn’t having any of it and that beloved idea/though is gone forever! (DRAT!!! I’m being polite and ladylike here – I must remember my P’s and my Q’s, ok!!!)

Then on ┬áthe other hand, there is that time when you try so darn hard to come up with an idea and I swear, your brain acts like the Sahara Dessert with multiple tumbleweed moments because all you hear is NOTHING!!! once again, NOPE – your precious brain isn’t having any of it.

Doesn’t your creativity love playing grand games with you?

Then again, I can equate this same maddening scenario to one of my favourite pastimes (well most women’s favourite pastimes) SHOPPING. You know where I’m going don’t you? Whenever you need to find something specific for a certain event, you can NEVER FIND WHAT YOU WANT! But when you have no money or you’re really not looking for anything specific, you find EVERYTHING!

So here is a couple of tips for you:

  1. ALWAYS have some kind of a notepad etc with you if you are a blogger/writer/designer etc. You never know when the creative juices might flow (in that case, a bib might suffice) Creativity always loves to play games and tricks on you I suppose thats where the greatest ideas come from…
  2. When shopping, either when searching for something specific or just the casual browse, ALWAYS make sure you know what’s in your wardrobe. Oh and try to work our what suits you. There is nothing more annoying that purchasing the perfect item only to find that you get home and there is nothing in your collection of clothes that goes with it, especially if you’ve spend a small deposit for you house on it!
  3. ALWAYS trust your creative instincts regardless of creating an outfit or creating a blog – your first thought is usually the correct one. Being in tune to your inner voice is a good thing (as long as you don’t start conversing with yourself in public, you’ll be just fine!)

But at the end of the day, you win some and you lose some. Whatever will be will be! But when you win some, you win MORE! Ever the optimist I am, it’s a good thing!

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