‘Halloween’ PINK FRIDAY! Pt 2…

dear all sig

Here is my second October instalment of PINK FRIDAY!


As this is the last Friday in October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will dedicate this blog to all things PINK! And I have decided I will have a VINTAGE PINK FRIDAY on the first Friday of every month!!! There is now a new That Dress Is Mine Editorial Calendar available beginning 1st November 2014.

Right: Last week, I presented lots of vintage PINK dresses. This week, I looking at vintage PINK accessories. There are so many to choose from but I have chosen my favourite few:

 PINK Vintage Accessories:


I guess this ALL PINK blog clashes with Halloween mood which is today. I did think of having a Halloween type blog but as I don’t like to follow the masses and love being a ‘Ladylike Rebel’ (oh yes, we do exist!) I wanted to go out of October with a PINK BANG!

And I don’t see why I couldn’t go out trick or treating in a bright pink vintage costume? What’s wrong with that?

images-11 images-9

It’s funny what can inspire you, am I right?

cinsig family copy

PS: Look out for our new ‘Vintage PINK FRIDAY’ feature every 1st Friday of the month beginning 7th November – see you there!

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