I WANT THIS – Halloween Special x

dear all sigOk, today is the last day of October. It’s Halloween! (But I swear here in London, its like a warm summer’s day. Now that is really REALLY CREEPY!)

For me, today is the day to let loose my rebellious side, so please indulge me alittle. I’m not into scaring the living daylights out of others, I do that enough every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror to myself. So I imagine myself dancing to MJ’s Thriller later on tonight choosing, mix and matching from this sassy I WANT THIS!!! list of items:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Of course, this is all for fun. When in doubt, wear RED. My ladylike rule still applies… Matching underwear is a must! Oh and one other thing:


Have fun tonight!

cinsig family copy

PS: I didn’t say WHERE is was going did I? That’s for me to know and you NEVER to find out! The Ladylike Rebel OUT!!! x



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