Label Update – Working Up a Very Pretty Sweat!

dear all sig

I have been working on setting up my Vintage Dresses Brand non stop for about six weeks now. As a one woman band, there is so much work to do and so much still to go. But I am feeling really pleased with myself because for the first time, I have finally set myself up the way that I have wanted to. Everything seems to be in place, I know exactly what I have in stock in reference to fabrics, accessories etc. I have neatly catalogued all my fabrics that I have been collecting for a good few years. I have finally sorted my vast collection of vintage patterns which I have been collecting and forcing for a couple of years. I have enjoyed doing that actually and I am still actively looking for those rare beauties which are just fantastic when made. I sit here and constantly imagine what they must have looked like all those years ago. These days, I believe the fabrics are a lot more vast in quantity and quality. I am trying to combine both and I know this can work. But:


I think I have spent long enough organising myself and I am really happy with my progress so far. The website/blog looks fantastic and is finally in great working order. Mind you, I am still working on the set up for the Store. There will be room for more updates and features in the near future. The rest is great. I have been writing blogs too to keep interest refreshed and grow a following etc which is growing by the day. Thanks you to all my new followers! I now have an Editorial Calendar called ‘Our Monthly Blogs! x‘ which begins tomorrow – 1st November 2014.  Click HERE to see the editorial schedule. This was necessary so that I can devote time to my first love – creating handmade vintage styled dresses! Blogging is hard work. Constant, scheduled blogging even more so. My notebook is constantly at my side. Ideas come at me thick and fast. I must admit I am enjoying this renewed burst of creative energy; after the long drought, the rains have finally come.


This is true.

That is why I nave stopped the planning and organising. I must say that I do work beet within ‘Organised Chaos’. People of the CREATIVE persuasion know exactly what I am talking about.


I have made some new contacts and in some ways new friends along this long ‘start a new business’ journey. I now have sourced some great suppliers for the fabrics that I wish to use. I have gone back to familiar contacts for accessories etc. Thanks to you all – you know who you are! The best thing about all these people is that fact that they are all rooting for me and the amount of support and encouragement is fantastic. Now I do however am beginning to feel the pressure to live up to what I am striving to accomplish.

I have many conversations with various people including family and friends, making the sales pitch and talking up what I am doing now. Don’t get me wrong, it feels great. What I am doing gives me a sense of purpose. But the most important aspect of all this is the sense of POSITIVITY that I have. This must NOT wane at any point.

I know

Anyone in any sort of business, career etc should ensure that the way you present yourself and present your ideas and what you are capable MUST be 110% positive and 110% believe in what they are doing/selling/making. Any once of doubt in oneself can convey the wrong message and believe it or not can be read immediately. Think of it this way, if you don’t have the 110% self belief in what you are trying to accomplish, what makes you think that whoever you are conversing with won’t? You don’t want the occasional hiccup misconstrued as self doubt. This is another valuable lesson I have learnt during these last six weeks. It’s one I never thought about until recently and now I will apply this with 110% confidence and competence. Believe me, this really works.

This IS going to work – I KNOW it!


This now means that as of 1st November, the production of dresses will FINALLY begin! Hurray!!! About tine too! I hope to update you all as to the progress being made over the next crucial few months. I have a LONG way to go, I know. The real adventure is about to begin!

Spring 2015, here we come!

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