Yes, I am a GOAL Digger… x

New month. New Beginnings.

dear all sig

OK, I have a confession to make, I am a


Proudly so.

No, I don’t need a man or money, anyone or anything to validate who I am not just as a woman but as a PERSON.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had goals, aspirations, dreams, ambitions. I have achieved a few and there are many more on my list. I’m living a few as I write this blog. Some goals are planned, others come by chance without thinking about it. That makes them all the more deserved. I pat myself on the back – well done ME. There is nothing wrong with me being happy and proud of my achievements so far. But to all those who are helpful, supportive, encouraging and give me the confidence to carry on, I thank you.



That is ALWAYS my main goal.

My dream.

My purpose.

My philosophy of my business.

Those who know me, well I need not explain. That quote is me all over. I love being different. Different is FANTASTIC. That is want I want to create – something unique, something that doesn’t actually exist. Who doesn’t?


Again, Yes.

Those who are successful have seen much failure. It’s path of the course towards greatness and achievement. They pick themselves up, dust themselves and their ideas off and try and  try and try again. I totally admire this trait because i find it inspiring. I have been there and as you all can see, I’m trying again. And guess what, I will keep trying until I get to where I want to be.

This will be the legacy to my daughters – to show them exactly what HARD WORK is all about.


This ‘Ladylike Rebel’ does love a challenge. I’ll tell you something. To most people, stubbornness can be a negative trait. I can be so. But as I am also a positive person, I try to see the good in everything and I believe there is good in all things. So I turn this so called negative trait to my advantage – I take the ‘energy’ within my stubbornness and turn it into achievement and drive.  Isn’t that a better challenge. So then I never give up.

At the end of the day, if I have managed to do some good in the world, inspired anyone or even just one person to do something positive for themselves or others by the things I say or do, or even if just one person purchases a dress from me in the near future then that is a good thing. I will take pride that fact. Of course I would like to do more (who wouldn’t) but that would be a great start,

So like I said earlier, I’m a self confessed GOAL DIGGER.

My business is my goal.

I intend to dig deep to create dresses I wish existed.

I will strive to keep going no matter what.

Fashion is a constant challenge no matter what you create because these days there are NO rules.

New Month, New Beginnings.

Challenge accepted…

cinsig family copy

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