Having a BAD Day… x




dear all sig

I am having a bad day.

I don’t feel all that great. I haven’t feel right for a few days. I’m tired, touchy, moody etc, etc and no it isn’t the ‘time of the month’… It’s that feeling where you just know you’re coming down with something. I guess it’s that time of year too. I have had a headache for days and the worst of it, I have lost my focus and concentration and its really annoying me. I’m sitting here and as it’s Bonfire night all I can hear is darn fireworks and with my headache it sounds ten times louder. (Migraines are no laughing matter mind you as I suffer from them…)

I feel bad about myself and guilty for not being able to do as much work as I should be doing. I have a thing every morning when I wake up – I must achieve at least ONE thing per day. Past few days, it hasn’t been happening and I feel like a failure. I have managed to write this blog post so I guess I’m good for something…

Yet, thought all this moaning and complaining, the one voice I hear is believe it or not is Mel B form X-Factor a couple of weeks ago. She said to one of the contestants:

“Man up and stop complaining. We all get sick, get over it” or something to that effect. I laughed when she said that not because she was talking to a man (Man Flu anyone?) but because what she said was quite true.

A few weeks later, what on earth am I doing right now? The EXACT SAME THING… It happens to the best of us right? Besides I’m only human. Am I being too hard on myself? Maybe. People get ill. It is completely normal. But the question is,  is it being ill or the constant pressure I place on myself to succeed which is contributing to my situation at the moment?


Regardless of my situation, I now have a choice to make. I think you already know the answer to this. I  am going to WOMAN UP, stop moaning and get the hell on with things, sick or no sick. I am not defeatist and I hate to fail. No more excuses.

Tomorrow is PROGRESS DAY.

But after a good night’s rest. Everyone deserves that!

cinsig family copy

(After the darn fireworks have stopped for the night. Some people just don’t know when to quit!!!)



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