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I’m not the best blogger in the world.

I happily admit it because I am woman enough to.

I am an old fashioned gal in a modern world. I can be young and hip if I want to and I am. But I enjoy my real passion which is Vintage Dresses. I have a few of my own and I do wear them from time to time. I have those I have brought because I am a woman and I have fashion needs. Most women know what I am talking about – the I can’t get it out of my head thought about a particular pair of shoes, dress, coat, handbag, makeup. The list goes on and on and on and on and on!!! It’s the ‘I have to have it…’ thoughts and feelings us woman have. (Dirty minded people, not here not now, please! Hang on a minute, no wonder my I WANT THIS! feature is so popular!)

I would like to blog like these people and have lots of followers, who wouldn’t? How do I blog about vintage dresses and keep people interested without falling asleep? How do I keep to my mantra and company philosophy of being modern and retro at the same time? Is there even room for people like me in this world of ultra modern blogging, fast fashion and a constant need for newer and fresher things and ideas?


I am following a number of various kinds of fashion blogs which are really good. Some of them actually have cult status and have so many followers who are devoted to everything the blogger says, does, suggests and rates. It’s a great thing to have that much power isn’t it? Then I go back to my blog and I think, how on earth am I going to keep up with that?

So I decided to do something different and have a blogging schedule., almost like a magazine. I stated that I would have one at the end of last month. I spent ages planning it, did all the artwork, even made up a diary for this blog and scheduled reminders for myself to complete this thinking that it would inspire me. I had almost a year’s worth of scheduled features etc, etc. How WRONG was I!!!

I don’t think I have been under such pressure in all my life! It was horrible. I couldn’t think straight even though I had ideas and writing material. It was like everything was being ‘forced’ which isn’t a good thing (for me anyway). I tried to follow (some of) the crowd. Almost every day, my iPhone would beep at me with a calendar reminder about what I need to write about for the schedule. I would look at this and think on no, here we go. Just incase you haven’t noticed, the whole set up has been removed and I have decided against working like that. I just can’t. It doesn’t work AT ALL for me. I just cannot think or operate CREATIVELY like that and I am sure I speak for many creative people who would agree with me.

Like I said earlier, I am not the best blogger in the world.

BUT I AM woman enough to admit when I was wrong about a direction I was taking which clearly wasn’t working for me. Spontaneous creativity works BEST. It’s freeing, satisfying and liberating. Overthinking and planning KILLS creative magic. I have dismantled and scrapped that side of this blog. It exists no more. So glad I did. Thus, I can say at least I tried it!

I enjoy what I doing right now in this fashion because I am being ME and doing things MY WAY, the way which is familiar and works well, each to their own. Isn’t that what blogging is supposed to be about in the end? This is a great platform for self expression which can become quite scary with the amount of TROLLS about. So sad. So what?!?! I don’t want to follow the fashion blogging crowd. I want to be and have always strived to be the LEADER and not the FOLLOWER. I have a few followers, that’s a start (thanks guys!!! x) I guess that means that I must be doing something interesting then eh? I have gone back to my old fashioned roots doing things the old fashioned way of blogging and it feels darn good. I can now get back to what I do best too (which is coming along quite nicely may I add!)

At the end of the day, it’s about QUALITY, and not necessarily QUANTITY. Staying true to thyself is the best way. How many times do I have to keep teaching myself this lesson? I remember years ago when I was at school, a teacher of mine said something which I now believe to be true and have used this philosophy ever since. He said to me “…Whenever you find a formula that works for you, stick to it!” It works, believe me.

My blog is different because not only do I write about myself and my fashion interests and work, but I am also creating the items I have a great interest in too. My goodness it’s hard work and extremely stressful but I LOVE it! I just cannot wait for you all to finally see the beginning of a new style of blogging. There isn’t too long to wait now… Sorry Joe/Joanne Bloggs, I have decided to go back and do what I do best.

Just being ME.

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