Organised Chaos… x

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It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything. Just really busy trying to get things moving and more determined than ever to do so. I have been practically living in my little room for the past week or so and everything seems chaotic but I call it organised chaos. I find that when things are too orderly, creativity cannot flow the way that it should. I like to work ‘Off the Fly’ so to speak. Nothing wrong with that – most creative people do.

I am pleased however. The choosing the dresses and concept for my first collection has been an arduous one. I have been constantly changing and chopping, adding and removing etc about what I would like my vision to look like and what it represents. I have finally decided that it should be about my dream wardrobe in a vintage setting.

I have fabrics chosen, designed created, patterns cut and I am finally at the sewing stage! Yippie! It has taken me two long, hard months to get here. I am finally getting to enjoy what I do best; creating a dress or two…

The other reason why I haven’t written anything was because I have had a few computer glitches where my computer was refusing to co-operate with me or my work. It has been like April Fool’s Day, Groundhog Day style. It has been going on for over a week. So annoying and disruptive. I really wanted to upload some pictures of what I am doing but for some VERY odd reason, my computer won’t allow it and they have come from my iPhone and I’m uploading to my iMac… How odd is this? So please bear with me while I work my way around this maddening issue – (Thank you Andrea from WordPress Support for helping me out!)

Then my back had decided to go too which is ragtag painful sitting and trying to make a dress but not being able to concentrate because of constant pain. Back pain is no joke!

But enough of the excuses. I really need to get back into my grove and back to work. Tomorrow is a new day…

But I just hope it doesn’t turn into another Moody Monday!


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