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Welcome to Cindy D’s new page called: I WANT THIS!

So I guess this will be the extension of That Dress is Mine which fulfils my fashion needs. I’m a woman, I can’t help myself and I shall not apologise for it either! Plus it will help to ease my rebellious side… This is my fashion WISHLIST.

Ok, do I even need to explain what this section is going to all about? No, not really. I think it’s self explanatory.

But what I will say is that it will be a mixture of VINTAGE, RETRO and MODERN items of fashion that have caught my fleeting eye.

You all know how that works – it is the ‘I can’t get it out of my head!’ item, the ‘I keep dreaming about it!’ item, the ‘Why is my heart racing about an innate object of desire’ item, the all conquering, earth shattering ‘OMG!’ moment! Oh no, this is no exaggeration for true fashionistas, it’s part of their 10 Commandments! It’s you lusting over an item you can have for whatever reason but you just WANT IT! You know this behaviour brings out the devil in you… Re-polish your halo and place it back into place albeit a little crooked after you’ve finished reading this section…

Lastly, If you find anything that could be added to this page, please feel free to contact me!


Enjoy x

Welcome to the NEW LOOK SITE!!!

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Hello and welcome to the new That Dress Is Mine’s New Website!

Ok. First things first.

My name is Cindy.

Anyone who has seen this blog from the beginning can see that it has change quite a lot. I have now moved towards modern feel and is more a reflection of who I am as a person. But if you look closer you’ll find there are some vintage and old school touches throughout! I am really excited about it all to be honest. The embers have been burning for a while and i feel the fire has finally been lit…

I launched this site over a year ago as just a blog trying to motivate myself into setting up my dress collection but it’s also my way of documenting my progress, highs, lows, ups and downs of starting an new (or re-launching rather!) a new business venture. This blog will also serve as a personal and professional journey for me and a great way for you to get to know who I am and what inspires me and makes me ‘tick!’

To be honest, I always thought I would be a writer. I was told so many times that I could become one but my love of creating something from nothing as a beautiful and wearable item of clothing/dress tips the balance here. I guess now in a way, I finally get the chance to do both at the same time…

It is going to take me a little time to get things up and running, so please bear with me. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, I also run another business with my very patient and loving husband and I decided that this year was the time to finally get up and do something for myself. I also wanted to feel as if I have contributed something to the world, no matter how small it was. I want my daughters to see me as an inspiration and to know first hand what hard work, perseverance and sheer determination can do for you as a person and contribute to society. Plus it’s fantastic for your self asteem!

Over the coming weeks and months, I will fill in the gaps as to who I am. I will also explain what my brand is all about. But to begin, I have a very passionate love of vintage dresses. There is something about the way they are made and constructed that appeals to my femininity with such force that I find certain ones the epitome of what a real woman should look like no matter who and what size you are. I wish to create some of this feminine magic and mix it with a touch of modern styling. I hope you like what you see…

I am also planning to have a page of some sort where I post a picture or two about what dresses etc has inspired me. There are too many to count to be honest but this will be a way of letting you all know where my inspiration comes from. Lastly, the construction of the TDIM shop is well under way and you’ll be able to purchase creations straight from this site! I can’t wait!

Please keep in touch of course!

Until next my next blog entry,

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I LUV Vintage Style Makeup…










Keeping up with Joe/Joanne Bloggs…x

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I’m not the best blogger in the world.

I happily admit it because I am woman enough to.

I am an old fashioned gal in a modern world. I can be young and hip if I want to and I am. But I enjoy my real passion which is Vintage Dresses. I have a few of my own and I do wear them from time to time. I have those I have brought because I am a woman and I have fashion needs. Most women know what I am talking about – the I can’t get it out of my head thought about a particular pair of shoes, dress, coat, handbag, makeup. The list goes on and on and on and on and on!!! It’s the ‘I have to have it…’ thoughts and feelings us woman have. (Dirty minded people, not here not now, please! Hang on a minute, no wonder my I WANT THIS! feature is so popular!)

I would like to blog like these people and have lots of followers, who wouldn’t? How do I blog about vintage dresses and keep people interested without falling asleep? How do I keep to my mantra and company philosophy of being modern and retro at the same time? Is there even room for people like me in this world of ultra modern blogging, fast fashion and a constant need for newer and fresher things and ideas?


I am following a number of various kinds of fashion blogs which are really good. Some of them actually have cult status and have so many followers who are devoted to everything the blogger says, does, suggests and rates. It’s a great thing to have that much power isn’t it? Then I go back to my blog and I think, how on earth am I going to keep up with that?

So I decided to do something different and have a blogging schedule., almost like a magazine. I stated that I would have one at the end of last month. I spent ages planning it, did all the artwork, even made up a diary for this blog and scheduled reminders for myself to complete this thinking that it would inspire me. I had almost a year’s worth of scheduled features etc, etc. How WRONG was I!!!

I don’t think I have been under such pressure in all my life! It was horrible. I couldn’t think straight even though I had ideas and writing material. It was like everything was being ‘forced’ which isn’t a good thing (for me anyway). I tried to follow (some of) the crowd. Almost every day, my iPhone would beep at me with a calendar reminder about what I need to write about for the schedule. I would look at this and think on no, here we go. Just incase you haven’t noticed, the whole set up has been removed and I have decided against working like that. I just can’t. It doesn’t work AT ALL for me. I just cannot think or operate CREATIVELY like that and I am sure I speak for many creative people who would agree with me.

Like I said earlier, I am not the best blogger in the world.

BUT I AM woman enough to admit when I was wrong about a direction I was taking which clearly wasn’t working for me. Spontaneous creativity works BEST. It’s freeing, satisfying and liberating. Overthinking and planning KILLS creative magic. I have dismantled and scrapped that side of this blog. It exists no more. So glad I did. Thus, I can say at least I tried it!

I enjoy what I doing right now in this fashion because I am being ME and doing things MY WAY, the way which is familiar and works well, each to their own. Isn’t that what blogging is supposed to be about in the end? This is a great platform for self expression which can become quite scary with the amount of TROLLS about. So sad. So what?!?! I don’t want to follow the fashion blogging crowd. I want to be and have always strived to be the LEADER and not the FOLLOWER. I have a few followers, that’s a start (thanks guys!!! x) I guess that means that I must be doing something interesting then eh? I have gone back to my old fashioned roots doing things the old fashioned way of blogging and it feels darn good. I can now get back to what I do best too (which is coming along quite nicely may I add!)

At the end of the day, it’s about QUALITY, and not necessarily QUANTITY. Staying true to thyself is the best way. How many times do I have to keep teaching myself this lesson? I remember years ago when I was at school, a teacher of mine said something which I now believe to be true and have used this philosophy ever since. He said to me “…Whenever you find a formula that works for you, stick to it!” It works, believe me.

My blog is different because not only do I write about myself and my fashion interests and work, but I am also creating the items I have a great interest in too. My goodness it’s hard work and extremely stressful but I LOVE it! I just cannot wait for you all to finally see the beginning of a new style of blogging. There isn’t too long to wait now… Sorry Joe/Joanne Bloggs, I have decided to go back and do what I do best.

Just being ME.

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I WANT THIS – Ring… x

dear all sig This is my new I WANT IT!!! item. It’s perfect! Its so beautiful, dainty,  ladylike, elegant, feminine, simple and is the perfect accessory for me.


I would like to have something like this for Christmas. Any leads, please let me know, I’d be very grateful! Once I know, I intend to send the link to my long suffering better half so he gets the message and the hint!

So darn pretty!

I need matching necklace for this NOW!

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I WANT THESE – Pearls! x

dear all sig This is my new I WANT IT!!! item.


This pearl set is so amazingly beautiful!

As Christmas is coming, these could easily be dressed up with one of my upcoming LBD’s. They look so regal, they look like they should be worn at a coronation or something. Oh and you would literally cry your eyes out if you ever broke one of those extremely valuable strands!

(They are probably worth more that my house…)

Vintage jewellery at it’s best!

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Organised Chaos… x

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It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything. Just really busy trying to get things moving and more determined than ever to do so. I have been practically living in my little room for the past week or so and everything seems chaotic but I call it organised chaos. I find that when things are too orderly, creativity cannot flow the way that it should. I like to work ‘Off the Fly’ so to speak. Nothing wrong with that – most creative people do.

I am pleased however. The choosing the dresses and concept for my first collection has been an arduous one. I have been constantly changing and chopping, adding and removing etc about what I would like my vision to look like and what it represents. I have finally decided that it should be about my dream wardrobe in a vintage setting.

I have fabrics chosen, designed created, patterns cut and I am finally at the sewing stage! Yippie! It has taken me two long, hard months to get here. I am finally getting to enjoy what I do best; creating a dress or two…

The other reason why I haven’t written anything was because I have had a few computer glitches where my computer was refusing to co-operate with me or my work. It has been like April Fool’s Day, Groundhog Day style. It has been going on for over a week. So annoying and disruptive. I really wanted to upload some pictures of what I am doing but for some VERY odd reason, my computer won’t allow it and they have come from my iPhone and I’m uploading to my iMac… How odd is this? So please bear with me while I work my way around this maddening issue – (Thank you Andrea from WordPress Support for helping me out!)

Then my back had decided to go too which is ragtag painful sitting and trying to make a dress but not being able to concentrate because of constant pain. Back pain is no joke!

But enough of the excuses. I really need to get back into my grove and back to work. Tomorrow is a new day…

But I just hope it doesn’t turn into another Moody Monday!


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Having a BAD Day… x




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I am having a bad day.

I don’t feel all that great. I haven’t feel right for a few days. I’m tired, touchy, moody etc, etc and no it isn’t the ‘time of the month’… It’s that feeling where you just know you’re coming down with something. I guess it’s that time of year too. I have had a headache for days and the worst of it, I have lost my focus and concentration and its really annoying me. I’m sitting here and as it’s Bonfire night all I can hear is darn fireworks and with my headache it sounds ten times louder. (Migraines are no laughing matter mind you as I suffer from them…)

I feel bad about myself and guilty for not being able to do as much work as I should be doing. I have a thing every morning when I wake up – I must achieve at least ONE thing per day. Past few days, it hasn’t been happening and I feel like a failure. I have managed to write this blog post so I guess I’m good for something…

Yet, thought all this moaning and complaining, the one voice I hear is believe it or not is Mel B form X-Factor a couple of weeks ago. She said to one of the contestants:

“Man up and stop complaining. We all get sick, get over it” or something to that effect. I laughed when she said that not because she was talking to a man (Man Flu anyone?) but because what she said was quite true.

A few weeks later, what on earth am I doing right now? The EXACT SAME THING… It happens to the best of us right? Besides I’m only human. Am I being too hard on myself? Maybe. People get ill. It is completely normal. But the question is,  is it being ill or the constant pressure I place on myself to succeed which is contributing to my situation at the moment?


Regardless of my situation, I now have a choice to make. I think you already know the answer to this. I  am going to WOMAN UP, stop moaning and get the hell on with things, sick or no sick. I am not defeatist and I hate to fail. No more excuses.

Tomorrow is PROGRESS DAY.

But after a good night’s rest. Everyone deserves that!

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(After the darn fireworks have stopped for the night. Some people just don’t know when to quit!!!)



Yes, I am a GOAL Digger… x

New month. New Beginnings.

dear all sig

OK, I have a confession to make, I am a


Proudly so.

No, I don’t need a man or money, anyone or anything to validate who I am not just as a woman but as a PERSON.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had goals, aspirations, dreams, ambitions. I have achieved a few and there are many more on my list. I’m living a few as I write this blog. Some goals are planned, others come by chance without thinking about it. That makes them all the more deserved. I pat myself on the back – well done ME. There is nothing wrong with me being happy and proud of my achievements so far. But to all those who are helpful, supportive, encouraging and give me the confidence to carry on, I thank you.



That is ALWAYS my main goal.

My dream.

My purpose.

My philosophy of my business.

Those who know me, well I need not explain. That quote is me all over. I love being different. Different is FANTASTIC. That is want I want to create – something unique, something that doesn’t actually exist. Who doesn’t?


Again, Yes.

Those who are successful have seen much failure. It’s path of the course towards greatness and achievement. They pick themselves up, dust themselves and their ideas off and try and  try and try again. I totally admire this trait because i find it inspiring. I have been there and as you all can see, I’m trying again. And guess what, I will keep trying until I get to where I want to be.

This will be the legacy to my daughters – to show them exactly what HARD WORK is all about.


This ‘Ladylike Rebel’ does love a challenge. I’ll tell you something. To most people, stubbornness can be a negative trait. I can be so. But as I am also a positive person, I try to see the good in everything and I believe there is good in all things. So I turn this so called negative trait to my advantage – I take the ‘energy’ within my stubbornness and turn it into achievement and drive.  Isn’t that a better challenge. So then I never give up.

At the end of the day, if I have managed to do some good in the world, inspired anyone or even just one person to do something positive for themselves or others by the things I say or do, or even if just one person purchases a dress from me in the near future then that is a good thing. I will take pride that fact. Of course I would like to do more (who wouldn’t) but that would be a great start,

So like I said earlier, I’m a self confessed GOAL DIGGER.

My business is my goal.

I intend to dig deep to create dresses I wish existed.

I will strive to keep going no matter what.

Fashion is a constant challenge no matter what you create because these days there are NO rules.

New Month, New Beginnings.

Challenge accepted…

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I WANT THIS – Halloween Special x

dear all sigOk, today is the last day of October. It’s Halloween! (But I swear here in London, its like a warm summer’s day. Now that is really REALLY CREEPY!)

For me, today is the day to let loose my rebellious side, so please indulge me alittle. I’m not into scaring the living daylights out of others, I do that enough every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror to myself. So I imagine myself dancing to MJ’s Thriller later on tonight choosing, mix and matching from this sassy I WANT THIS!!! list of items:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Of course, this is all for fun. When in doubt, wear RED. My ladylike rule still applies… Matching underwear is a must! Oh and one other thing:


Have fun tonight!

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PS: I didn’t say WHERE is was going did I? That’s for me to know and you NEVER to find out! The Ladylike Rebel OUT!!! x



Label Update – Working Up a Very Pretty Sweat!

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I have been working on setting up my Vintage Dresses Brand non stop for about six weeks now. As a one woman band, there is so much work to do and so much still to go. But I am feeling really pleased with myself because for the first time, I have finally set myself up the way that I have wanted to. Everything seems to be in place, I know exactly what I have in stock in reference to fabrics, accessories etc. I have neatly catalogued all my fabrics that I have been collecting for a good few years. I have finally sorted my vast collection of vintage patterns which I have been collecting and forcing for a couple of years. I have enjoyed doing that actually and I am still actively looking for those rare beauties which are just fantastic when made. I sit here and constantly imagine what they must have looked like all those years ago. These days, I believe the fabrics are a lot more vast in quantity and quality. I am trying to combine both and I know this can work. But:


I think I have spent long enough organising myself and I am really happy with my progress so far. The website/blog looks fantastic and is finally in great working order. Mind you, I am still working on the set up for the Store. There will be room for more updates and features in the near future. The rest is great. I have been writing blogs too to keep interest refreshed and grow a following etc which is growing by the day. Thanks you to all my new followers! I now have an Editorial Calendar called ‘Our Monthly Blogs! x‘ which begins tomorrow – 1st November 2014.  Click HERE to see the editorial schedule. This was necessary so that I can devote time to my first love – creating handmade vintage styled dresses! Blogging is hard work. Constant, scheduled blogging even more so. My notebook is constantly at my side. Ideas come at me thick and fast. I must admit I am enjoying this renewed burst of creative energy; after the long drought, the rains have finally come.


This is true.

That is why I nave stopped the planning and organising. I must say that I do work beet within ‘Organised Chaos’. People of the CREATIVE persuasion know exactly what I am talking about.


I have made some new contacts and in some ways new friends along this long ‘start a new business’ journey. I now have sourced some great suppliers for the fabrics that I wish to use. I have gone back to familiar contacts for accessories etc. Thanks to you all – you know who you are! The best thing about all these people is that fact that they are all rooting for me and the amount of support and encouragement is fantastic. Now I do however am beginning to feel the pressure to live up to what I am striving to accomplish.

I have many conversations with various people including family and friends, making the sales pitch and talking up what I am doing now. Don’t get me wrong, it feels great. What I am doing gives me a sense of purpose. But the most important aspect of all this is the sense of POSITIVITY that I have. This must NOT wane at any point.

I know

Anyone in any sort of business, career etc should ensure that the way you present yourself and present your ideas and what you are capable MUST be 110% positive and 110% believe in what they are doing/selling/making. Any once of doubt in oneself can convey the wrong message and believe it or not can be read immediately. Think of it this way, if you don’t have the 110% self belief in what you are trying to accomplish, what makes you think that whoever you are conversing with won’t? You don’t want the occasional hiccup misconstrued as self doubt. This is another valuable lesson I have learnt during these last six weeks. It’s one I never thought about until recently and now I will apply this with 110% confidence and competence. Believe me, this really works.

This IS going to work – I KNOW it!


This now means that as of 1st November, the production of dresses will FINALLY begin! Hurray!!! About tine too! I hope to update you all as to the progress being made over the next crucial few months. I have a LONG way to go, I know. The real adventure is about to begin!

Spring 2015, here we come!

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‘Halloween’ PINK FRIDAY! Pt 2…

dear all sig

Here is my second October instalment of PINK FRIDAY!


As this is the last Friday in October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will dedicate this blog to all things PINK! And I have decided I will have a VINTAGE PINK FRIDAY on the first Friday of every month!!! There is now a new That Dress Is Mine Editorial Calendar available beginning 1st November 2014.

Right: Last week, I presented lots of vintage PINK dresses. This week, I looking at vintage PINK accessories. There are so many to choose from but I have chosen my favourite few:

 PINK Vintage Accessories:


I guess this ALL PINK blog clashes with Halloween mood which is today. I did think of having a Halloween type blog but as I don’t like to follow the masses and love being a ‘Ladylike Rebel’ (oh yes, we do exist!) I wanted to go out of October with a PINK BANG!

And I don’t see why I couldn’t go out trick or treating in a bright pink vintage costume? What’s wrong with that?

images-11 images-9

It’s funny what can inspire you, am I right?

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PS: Look out for our new ‘Vintage PINK FRIDAY’ feature every 1st Friday of the month beginning 7th November – see you there!

POP! Goes the Blogger! x

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It’s funny how all of a sudden you could be in the middle of something trivial and mundane then ‘POP!!!” out of no-where there is an idea for a blog entry. Then you get caught up al all the things still going on around you, then before you know it, you’ve lost your idea and that excellent train of thought. My goodness, how bloody annoying is that?


No matter how hard you try, NOPE, that brain of yours isn’t having any of it and that beloved idea/though is gone forever! (DRAT!!! I’m being polite and ladylike here – I must remember my P’s and my Q’s, ok!!!)

Then on  the other hand, there is that time when you try so darn hard to come up with an idea and I swear, your brain acts like the Sahara Dessert with multiple tumbleweed moments because all you hear is NOTHING!!! once again, NOPE – your precious brain isn’t having any of it.

Doesn’t your creativity love playing grand games with you?

Then again, I can equate this same maddening scenario to one of my favourite pastimes (well most women’s favourite pastimes) SHOPPING. You know where I’m going don’t you? Whenever you need to find something specific for a certain event, you can NEVER FIND WHAT YOU WANT! But when you have no money or you’re really not looking for anything specific, you find EVERYTHING!

So here is a couple of tips for you:

  1. ALWAYS have some kind of a notepad etc with you if you are a blogger/writer/designer etc. You never know when the creative juices might flow (in that case, a bib might suffice) Creativity always loves to play games and tricks on you I suppose thats where the greatest ideas come from…
  2. When shopping, either when searching for something specific or just the casual browse, ALWAYS make sure you know what’s in your wardrobe. Oh and try to work our what suits you. There is nothing more annoying that purchasing the perfect item only to find that you get home and there is nothing in your collection of clothes that goes with it, especially if you’ve spend a small deposit for you house on it!
  3. ALWAYS trust your creative instincts regardless of creating an outfit or creating a blog – your first thought is usually the correct one. Being in tune to your inner voice is a good thing (as long as you don’t start conversing with yourself in public, you’ll be just fine!)

But at the end of the day, you win some and you lose some. Whatever will be will be! But when you win some, you win MORE! Ever the optimist I am, it’s a good thing!

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