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I WANT THIS – Halloween Special x

Ok, today is the last day of October. It’s Halloween! (But I swear here in London, its like a warm summer’s day. Now that is really REALLY CREEPY!) For me, today is the day to let loose my rebellious side,…

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POP! Goes the Blogger! x

Tip: Always have a notepad – you never know when an idea will POP into your head! x

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Mother’s Day Inspiration…

This weekend is Mother’s Day. As today is such a lovely spring like day, we take our inspiration in a floral direction, much like our upcoming collection which will contain modern florals and bold colours set on a vintage canvas….

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My Iconic Academy Awards Dresses:

Hi everyone! I’m just going to get to it! Here are my favourite past¬†Oscar Dresses. There are so many to choose from. In my humble opinion, the following choices are not about the woman wearing the dresses but the gowns…

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Taking a rest, but not for long!

Hi again everyone, as promised, this is my second instalment for my new blog, rain or shine. I’m quite happy actually since I started this last week. It’s always lovely to know that people or even just the one are…

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It’s All About The Dress…

Hello and welcome to our That Dress Is Mine page about Dresses which Inspire Greatness and look totally Fabulous! We are planning to try and ¬†make this a weekly feature and they may even be more than one as there…

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