Who We Are…

Welcome to our About Us page.

About this blog:

This is journal of not just the relaunch this company but a personal creator’s blog and journey of Cindy who is the founder of That Dress is Mine.

Our Company Profile and Philosophy:

Vintage, Modern, and Couture Dresses, Uniquely and Individually Created, Just for You!

It’s all about DRESSES!! Vintage reproduction is our forte. Modern interpretation is our magic.

Individuality… Uniqueness… Finely Fitted and Well Made… We endeavor to create only a FEW of each!

We re-create vintage designs with a modern twist, we also create unique designs and can customise others…

You’ll find us beyond original, as we know what you want and what you are looking for.

We represent…

The MODERN WOMAN with Old Fashioned Values and VINTAGE styling,


       … Think ORIGINALITY  … Think UNIQUENESS   … Think like an INDIVIDUAL.



Now, About The Creator/Designer and Entrepreneur…

Her name is Cindy D.

This company was established in October 2004, but Cindy  has been providing a service in the art of clothes design and individual clothes tailoring and couture for women, children ( and men ) for over 20 years as a hobby. Cindy also makes one off pieces for sale ( take a look at the pictures below).  She makes one individual item of clothing and sells them off a one unique piece. Now she  decided to turn her hobby into her own business. Now after a small break, is coming back with a vengeance with a re-launch and new style for woman and their want of the perfect DRESS…

Cindy’s specialties are in the areas of reproduction of vintage dresses, sometime with a modern twist, couture, designing clothes as one off pieces and alterations. She thoroughly enjoys designing and taking and making something out of nothing, with the complete love of fabrics and trimmings that she have endured since childhood.

Cindy loves and is influenced by the feminine elegance, charm and beauty of the clothes  of the 1950’s and early 1960’s but loves to add her own modern twists. To be honest, she is influenced by all eras. Her motto with her personal style and designing mantra is “… I know it when I see it!”

As a child, Cindy was known as ever changing, always creating, always quirky, always different. She has been designing and making clothes from a very young age. Her own clothes were often remade just to be different. She has always been a ‘Girly Girl’ and loved dresses as early as she could remember. It’s not just dresses she loves, for instance, she was involved in making carnival costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival at the age of 9 years old. ( And wearing them too! ) Cindy has worked on just altering a hem of a skirt to designing and making a set of bride’s maid dresses and of course a wedding dress or two…

She’s still the same today, but now Cindy wants to express her creative vision, ‘quirkiness’, and feminine elegance in her clothes and designs. She is often asked about her personal style which is feminine, elegant, practical, comfortable, simple, chic, sassy, sometimes sexy but ALL WOMAN. Cindy firmly believes that a woman should embrace being a woman, embrace and be proud of her figure no matter what her shape or size is and her primary goal is to create dresses which embrace Womanhood and Femininity. To enjoy being a woman and enjoy dressing like one…

 Cindy likes to travel around the world and yes, wherever she goes is on the lookout for things to enhance and make her design projects all the more beautiful. So know now that when you purchase a dress of hers, it is a multi-nationally made dress.Now, her regular customers particularly value the time and effort taken in making them feel special as Cindy’s clothes are designed to make them feel like an ‘individual’, expressive with a vintage or modern twist.

“…I am sure that many women out there  understand the art of the ‘WOW!!!’ factor…walking into a room where NOBODY is wearing the same clothes… you feel fantastic and look fabulous… everyone is asking you, 

‘Wow… Where did you get that DRESS?!’

…Then you know you look good.

And feel fabulous!”

Cindy D.

And that is what the company philosophy is all about!

“…That Dress Is Mine!!! And mine alone!”

So, take a look around this blog and the upcoming website and enjoy what you see, as much as Cindy will have creating them!!!

If you are not familiar with this company and your first contact is with us online, we would like to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are; we’ll be more that happy to answer them.

 Our Other Services…

Within our company, not only do we make ‘Ready to Wear’ women’s clothing; we also provide other business services.

They are:

Bespoke Women’s Clothing Designs




A design and make garment service is available

Restyling and/or major alteration service is also available

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Pictures…


Above is That Dress Is Mine’s new 2013 LOGO!


Above is a small snapshot of our previous designs…

boutiquephoto01 boutiquephoto02

And here is a look at our previous boutique space in Soho, London!

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